I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.

 John 14:18               

There are millions of children in the world living as orphans. It crosses international borders, racial divides, and economic classes. With Christians outnumbering orphans worldwide by 15:1, God’s people can do something about this orphan crisis.

Currently, there are children of nearly every age group available for international adoption waiting for a forever family. Along the adoption journey, we are here to provide support, advice, and help in any way we can. Be sure to check out the Wrap Around Team page to tap into our resources.

the basic steps of the adoption process

step one: choose a placing agency

Not all agencies are equal and not all approaches are the same. Attend informational meetings, ask questions, and speak to social workers. While there are many great agencies, one we recommend starting with is also the first to facilitate international adoption over 60 years ago, Holt International.

step two: pick a country

Talk to your agency about which country program may be best for your family. Each country sets its own eligibility guidelines, referral processes and legal requirements, affecting not just the time, travel and costs of adoption, but also who can adopt. The age, gender, and needs of a child waiting for a family may be different from country to country.

step three: apply

Whether you apply on paper or online, this is the first step to begin your formal adoption journey. Once your application has been received, we give you access to our online parent handbook, which provides links to download relevant documents and paperwork, guides you through the process and provides ample information about your specific adoption program.

step four: paperwork time

Bring on the paperwork! Complete your home study and begin your parent education courses. Prepare your dossier and send it for overseas approval. Begin formally and legally adding your child to your family, including clearing him or her for immigration to the United States.

step five: secure funds

With the cost of adoption ranging between $25,000 and $40,000, finances can often be a barrier preventing people from adoption internationally. At Journey, we have established a grant program to assist with the costs and there are other organizations, like Show Hope which can help too. Another great resource to pick up is Julie Gumm’s book, Adopt Without Debt to learn more about how to make your adoption dream a reality.

step six: placement

Receive "the call" from your agency letting you know that you've been matched with a child. Get to know him or her through photos, medical updates and more. If you feel this child is a good match for you then you will agree to the placement and move forward in the adoption process.

step seven: meet your child

Once all the legal steps and immigration processes are complete, you will travel to finalize the adoption process and meet your child. This can involve travel to the birth country or the use of an escort to bring your child to the United States.

step eight: follow up visits

Your social worker will visit your home to complete your post-placement adoption requirements.

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