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I was a stranger and you invited me in...

 Matthew 25:35

Children are removed from their families for any number of reasons and loving people are needed to care for them until they are reunited with their families or an adoptive family is found for them. Some foster care situations are short term (days and weeks) while others could extend over years. Right now there are over 20,000 children in AZ Foster Care System and families are in desperate demand.

Journey Church has joined other churches in responding to the need for foster families in a movement called AZ127 (based on James 1:27). Its purpose is to educate people on the great need and to assist practically those interested in foster care by helping you to navigate the process. You can learn more at

What does the process look like?

For families who are interested or beginning the process to pursue God’s calling to become Foster Families, AZ127 offers faith-based training prior to becoming licensed. A pathway of classes (Orientation, Basic Training, and PSMAPP) best helps you prepare


Orientation is an introduction to foster care, adoption, and support in Arizona. It is a two-hour class and will be accepted at any agency if a family chooses to move forward in the licensing process. Dates and locations for orientations change frequently so be sure to keep an eye out for one that fits your schedule.

Basic Training

Basic Training is a one-day faith-based training that serves as an introduction to the ministry of foster care and adoption. You will be introduced to a Biblical view on foster care and adoption and it will help you decide if this is the time for you to bring in a child in need. Dates and locations for orientations change frequently so be sure to keep an eye out for one that fits your schedule.

Choose a licensing agency

Every foster parent has to be licensed to care for children. There are many good agencies out there to choose from and there is one that will fit your situation and needs the best.


These are the state-mandated training classes that are offered all over the valley throughout the year. Our friends at AZ.127 offer faith-based options for you to take advantage of and meet your requirements.

home study

Part of the state-mandated process is a Home Study. It is a combination of an interview by a social worker and a basic examination of your home to ensure it meets the minimum standards to care for a child.


Once certified you have been approved by the state to receive children into your home as a foster parent. Agencies can then work with you on placements as you are ready.

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